Race concept: celestial race | Fandom (2024)

New race concept: celestial race

Race requirements:

Have all races(including ghoul and cyborg to v4)

Have 2 gods chalice

Above 2M fruit

15 conjured cocoa

Max level

Unlock Godhuman fighting style

Unlock tush*ta

10,000,000 beli

10,000 fragments

Steps to unlock celestial race

This is one of the hardest quests in Blox fruits

This race is for serious bounty hunters

Go to a secret npc in a secret room at hydra island called “Roger” and interact with him. If you do not meet the requirements, the npc will say,” you are not worthy!” And you will die immediately. If you meet the requirements, he will ask for a gods chalice and a fruit of value above 2M, and once you give it to him, he will thank you and say “good luck warrior”and a door behind him would open, revealing an altar. He will also give you something called <celestial shard> that would be in your inventory. Once the dialogue ends, go to cake land and talk to the sweet crafter. If you have the shard, go the end of the pages and click on “pardon?” the sweet crafter would say:”ah, a warrior on a quest for greater power” and respond with “indeed”. Then the sweet crafter would say:” would you like to craft a celestial chalice for a gods chalice,15 conjured cocoa and <celestial shard>? Respond with yes and you will get a celestial chalice. Be careful, as you will lose it if you die. Go back to rogers secret room and the door should already be opened. Go to the altar and summon the raid boss “Celestial being”. You will be teleported to a secret place called <celestial shift> and a timer of 10 minutes would start, you need to defeat the boss before the timer ends. There wil be a system message “the true dimension has spawned” The boss uses an unknown sword, uses an unknown fruit and has 500,000 hp. Do take note that the boss can only be damaged by godhuman and tush*ta , not fruits or swords. Buddha is heavily recommended and the boss deals quite high damage. If you die, you will respawn in the map but if you do not kill the boss before the timer, a message will appear “you have failed, you are not worthy!”. Note that you have to solo the boss alone, not with anybody else. And you will be teleported back to hydra, and you will need to get the celestial chalice in order to do the quest again. If you have succeeded in defeating the boss within the time, The boss will 100% drop 100k beli and something called <celestial essence>. Once you succeed in all this, there will be a message saying “congratulations, the gods have deemed you worthy”. And the screen will turn white. You will be transported to a palace. Go into the palace and talk to the celestial godfather npc. He will sell you the celestial race for 10,000,000 beli and 10,000 fragments. Once you purchase it, you will earn the title <the holy> and there will be a system message “the stars have bowed down” If you do not have enough money, talk to the roger npc, who is right next to the celestial godfather npc and he will take you back to hydra island. Whenever you are ready to purchase or change to the race, just talk to the roger npc and he will take you back to the celestial palace.

Race v1: complete immunity to water and lava. And small damage and speed buff. Player has not much physical changes except an extra glow around its body.

Race v2:

Completing the Alchemist's Quest. To take this quest, the player has to have completed the Colosseum Quest

Title unlocked: celestial blood

buffs: 10% defence, Extra dodge and faster dodge regeneration on Instict, Increases the player's speed while in water, Air Jumping is reduced by 20%, and the player gains an additional Air Jump. Increases the player's movement speed to 2x their normal speed.

Race v3:

Completing arowe's Quest, which varies depending on the race. Celestial V3 quest is:

• kill 15 npc s with a tush*ta only

Title unlocked: celestial warrior

Unlocks race ability named True destruction

Buffs: User deals more damage regardless of health. Decreases damage taken from players and NPCs by 80%.

Allows the player to use skills that are still on 40% cooldown. Increases the player's movement speed to 4x their normal speed. And decreases cool-down for dashing.

Lasts for: 7 seconds

20 second cooldown

Race v4:

Race awakening

Title unlocked: Demigod

Ancient powers: Upon transforming, receive max stats as well as increased damage, speed, and heal by 15%.

Great enigma: user gains health by dealing damage, receiving damage and has a super dash, which in about 3x as long as a normal dash.

True power: user becomes a pure white being and emanates a white glow around it and can float, similar to angel v4. There will be a trail behind the user when dashing and enemies take damage from it. Attacks now apply an holy effect that disables the opponent's Instinct ability temporarily.

Race concept: celestial race | Fandom (2024)
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