Does your child go to a nursery, elementary, middle or high school?

Are you a member of the Parent Teacher Association or the school boosters club? Are you part of a church group or other organization involving parents? If so, it’s likely many parents are dealing with similar family issues.

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Dad to 13 year old girl

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­I attended your talk at my child’s middle school and feel it was the best talk I have ever heard on raising children. After attending these talks for a half dozen years or so and listening to famous therapists and Ph.D professors from the best universities in the world with top selling books, I believe your lecture was the most constructive one I have ever attended. Our community and society would be a better place if more people could meet you and hear your lecture.


Parent Organizer, Menlo School, Atherton

We want to thank you for an amazing instructional workshop at Menlo’s Parent and Faculty Education conference. We are grateful for your time and efforts preparing for your workshop. Your presentation clearly had a positive impact on our community.  Parents really liked your approachable manner and loved your helpful guidance during your presentation.  If there weren’t time constraints, I think you might have had Q&A all afternoon long.


Mother of 2 teens

Thanks so much for another inspiring parenting seminar. I had heard you speak once before in 2008 at the Santa Clara Library … it was inspiring and eye-opening and I really appreciated adding a lot of great tools to my parenting bag. I still remember how great it was to listen to you that first time. Thank you again for giving me lots of food for thought and much-needed reminders for relating to my children. Parent educators like you help make parenting a more enriching and fulfilling experience for parents like me.

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Real PARENTS, Real KIDS, Real TALK: How to Raise a Successful Adult

There is one goal of parenting – to raise a successful adult – and you’ve got only 21 years to do it. Learn how to define success and why you should be the person you want your child to be.

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About Susan

From at risk students to gifted ones, and every in-between, Susan has the right parenting strategy for you. Her over four decades of experience in child development has resulted in a simple, no-nonsense approach to raising successful adults while developing and maintaining the close family relationships we all desire.

Through the use of humor and real world examples, Susan will teach you how to identify the family values important to you, and more importantly, how to instill these in your children. Inspiring, motivating and captivating, Susan will forever change the way you think and how you feel about being a parent.

Whether you are looking for family coaching in an environment of your choosing, workshops on today’s toughest issues facing parents and kids, or wanting to customize an event to meet your parenting needs, let Susan Stone Belton be your guide.