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Summer Safety and Fun!

Making the Most of Your Summer Vacation

Woo hoo, summer vacation is here! This fills some parents with joy: no homework, no car pools, sleeping late, less stress for both children and parents. The same thought fills some parents with dread: fewer activities, more boredom and sibling rivalry, more stress with trying to keep children busy and safe.  

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How to Listen and How to Talk

What do I say and how do I say it?

Most families struggle, at some point, with communicating easily with each other. Some children don't seem to listen or don't want to talk. Other children talk non-stop and have parents who don't seem to listen. Communication can be difficult, but following a few simple rules will make it easier for everyone. Strong, fair, and effective communication is the key to healthy relationships between yourself and your children, your partner, and your friends.  

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