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‘Real Talk’ with Susan Stone Belton

Sibling rivalry is defined as "competitive feelings that children in a family feel toward each other". It is a normal and expected part of family life. It is also very annoying to parents who have to listen to arguing, whining and complaining, and who wonder every day what to do when their children are fighting.  

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Learn to Enjoy Meals With Your Children

If I could wave my magic wand to erase one parenting concern, it would be the issue of food. When should my child eat? What should my child eat? How much should my child eat? We measure servings, count bites, and worry way too much.  

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Listen and acknowledge; then respond.

“Listen to understand, not to respond.”

I have spent the past several years offering the above advice. I have explained that often we listen while planning our response, and in doing so, we do not truly hear what is being said. Once we really listen and understand what we are hearing, it will be our turn to say what we want to say.  

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My 2015 Parenting Resolutions

Stop trying to be a perfect parent and stop trying to raise a perfect child. Not try to do everything myself and will be willing to ask others, including my children, for help. Spend as much time as possible with my child, but will also carve out time for myself and my partner.  

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Happy Holidays…From My Family to Yours

This holiday season...

A great ime to create wonderful family memories: visiting with families and friends, giving and receiving gifts, sharing with those less fortunate, cooking and baking good food for your family. This is a time to have fun with your kids. Bake cookies, go to the park, visit Santa at the mall, and have play dates with friends. Go out in the cold one night to look at the stars and look for your breath. Stay in pajamas later than usual, hang out at home and play, and make breakfast for dinner.  

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My Kid Doesn’t Listen to Me!

My kid doesn't listen to me!

It’s a comment I hear daily. Parents say “My kids don’t listen to me.” And what they mean is that their children don’t do what they tell them to do. Their kids don’t obey them, they don’t follow directions, and they don’t come when they are called. It is a really difficult part of being a parent – being ignored and not listened to is a very frustrating feeling.  

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Happy Halloween – Here’s to Fun and Safety!

Halloween with Your Toddlers

This can be such a fun time for your toddler, and a little scary too. We can encourage our toddlers to participate in Halloween festivities, but let’s not force them to do something they are not quite ready for. Halloween is a great opportunity to begin teaching how to share (pass out candy) and how to use good manners (say "please" and "thank you").  

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Taming the Homework Monster – At Every Age and Every Grade

An Overview of Homework

Don't worry if you are sfeeling challenged already. Homework can be difficult for families. Many kids don’t like it and many parents don't know how and when to help. Homework is beneficial to students, as it reinforces lessons learned at school. Homework should be a review of school work, not an introduction of new material.  

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Let’s Start This Year Off Right!

10 things to start doing today:

Figure out your child's school schedule. Then one week before school actually starts, have your kids go to bed and wake up in the morning at the times they will for school. Eat breakfast and dinner at the times they will on school days. Being on a firm schedule is good for everyone.  

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Four Academic lessons to Teach at Home

Teach Your Child to be Organized.

When children feel organized, are confident that they know what to do, and have all their needed materials, their confidence go up, and so does the quality of their work. Prepare a checklist of things your child needs to bring to and from school every day. Put a copy by the door at home and one in his backpack. Check often to see if your child is remembering the items on the list.  

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