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Is it possible to find your life calling at age 5? Is it true that passions of youth not just continue but intensify throughout a lifetime? Yes and yes if you are Susan Stone Belton. At the tender age of 4 Susan’s life was unexpectedly and dramatically altered; her father suddenly abandoned the family. In a matter of moments her home, neighbors, friends, toys and all other belongings were gone. Just one year later she came to understand that while her life would never be the same, its purpose was crystal clear; she would take care of families and kids.

She has done that, and done it very well, for over four decades.

At age 10 Susan began a booming babysitting business. So successful was her service that she was able to completely fund her college education, a BA degree in Special Education with an emphasis on children with emotional and behavioral challenges. She also received her certification in Critical Incident Stress, making her uniquely qualified to manage crisis situations, such as suicide prevention and domestic violence.

Her early career spanned nearly a decade of accredited teaching; first as an 8th grade teacher at Children’s Home in Peoria, Illinois, a fully secured lock-down facility for incarcerated youth,

next as a grade middle school teacher at Achieve, a non-profit Palo Alto, CA school for children with emotional challenges, and lastly as the owner of a highly regarded and wait-listed in-home preschool. From at risk kids to gifted ones, and every child in-between, Susan quickly gained the trust and respect of her students and built a reputation as a beloved, no-nonsense mentor.

Shifting her focus to the “whole family”, Susan spent the next seven years as the Director of Community Services for Family and Children Services of Silicon Valley. It was in this role where Susan’s family practice and public speaking career flourished. With over 500 hours dedicated to topics central to parenting and child-based issues, Susan is a highly demanded speaker for Parent’s Place, the Bay Area’s premier parenting resource center. In her private practice, Susan’s leading workshop, entitled “Real Parents, Real Kids, Real Talk”, demands standing-room only attendance and was recently published in book format. The companion video, entitled “Real Parents, Real Kids, Real Talk: How to Raise a Successful Adult”, followed shortly after. Both are available here for purchase (link to store).

Today, Susan’s thriving family practice focuses on developing healthier, more communicative families through common-sense parenting.


September  2018
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Media Appearances

Daily Parent
The Biggest Self-Esteem Killers Parents Dish Out

My Monthly Business Journal, January 2013
Business Super Star Susan Stone Belton

Five Biggest Mistakes Moms Are Making Today’

San Francisco Chronicle
On June 10, 2005, Susan was profiled in an in-depth article titled Counselor to parents: Relax Susan Stone Belton says self-esteem, respect more important to success than test scores and grades.

Palo Alto Daily News, A FAMILY TRAGEDY
In wake of murder-suicide, children need candid answers.

Bay Area Parent, Fall 2009
This month Kim Seidel wrote a great article for Bay Area Parent Magazine, and asked me for my opinion on the topic “Ask For Help This School Year”.

National radio broadcast featuring Susan
On June 1, 2005, Susan was the guest expert on the syndicated radio feature Something You Should Know with Mike Carruthers. The feature is heard on over 150 radio stations across the U.S.



Mother of 1 teenage girl

My husband and I TRULY appreciated our first session with you. Thank you SO much for being there…you are wonderful!! We’re very pleased with how well our daughter is doing, and want to sincerely thank you for all of your advice and support which you provided, plus just being there!!


Father of 2 toddler boys

Susan’s words give me wisdom, not theory.


Mother of 2 teens and 1 kid

I’ve been going to parent education events in PAUSD for 13 years now, and that was by far the best one I’ve ever been to.


Dad with 3 children

Thanks for sharing your great tips with us. This is a big relief to know that this kind of behavior is common and typical. It seems that there is no end in learning how to work with the kids. This is great to have people like you that can help others to learn how to improve their relationship with their kids.


Alison, 11 year old girl

I like you, Susan. You are really easy to talk to.

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