Motivational Speaking & Workshops

Do you belong to a nursery school, PTA, school boosters, church group or other organization involving parents?

No matter what aspect of parenting is your concern, no matter what age child you have, Susan is the dynamic, personable and memorable speaker you’re looking for.   Click here to learn more.

“I want to thank you for speaking at our school last week. The parents really enjoyed your approach and the practicality of your words. I have already read your book and am having my husband read it this week. You are so down to earth, it was like having coffee with a friend and getting advice on how to work better with my children.”

“I have heard you talk at least 4 times and every time I get new energy and come home with a great spirit that my family appreciates.”

I absolutely loved your seminar last week at Bishop Elementary. Your approach is so common-sense, and your style is so fun. I took furious notes and wound up sending them out to my friends, neighbors and community! So we are all benefiting from your tidbits of wisdom.

“How wonderful to be reminded that parenting is supposed to be fun. Reminding ourselves that it is a relationship first and a job second is so important!”

Family Coaching Services

Susan meets with parents, kids, and entire families to help solve their family concerns and challenges.

You can continue to struggle with parenting questions on your own, or you can ask for help. Private coaching with Susan, in person or by phone, could turn your situation around, sometimes even overnight.  Click here to learn more.

Words cannot express my deep appreciation for all of your help and advice and wisdom. You have been such a huge comfort and help for me through this difficult situation with my daughter. You have a beautiful gift of being able to understand teens and such a beautiful heart to let me reach out to you at all hours of the day and night. Thank you so much! - Donna, mother of 4

The Parenting Book You’ve Been Looking For:


real KIDS
real TALK
Manage your child’s behavior while remaining calm and competent. Instill family values as your child’s roadmap to life. Know why listening is more important than talking. Build the relationship you want your your child. Decrease the stress and increase the fun of parenting


“I read your entire book last night and I really enjoyed it. The most important thing I took from the book is that no matter what you tell your kids in terms of how they should act, the #1 influence will be how I act (not what I say). I probably already knew this, but it was a good reminder that I need to constantly demonstrate the traits that I want them to embrace as adults.
- Peter, Father of 2
Santa Clara, CA

The Video!

Real Parents, Real Kids, Real Talk:
How to Raise a Successful Adult

The companion video to Susan’s book, real PARENTS real KIDS real TALK.